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Revolutionize your Agricultural Waste Management with ePTFE Windrow Compost Cover

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Discover the innovative solution for efficient agricultural waste management with the ePTFE windrow compost cover. This advanced molecular membrane is specifically designed to enhance the fermentation process, providing exceptional odor control, superior breathability, insulation, and bacteria containment. Say goodbye to the challenges posed by external weather conditions and create an independent “fermentation box” environment.

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The ePTFE windrow compost cover is made of 3-layers fabric, consisting of oxford fabric with technical microporous Eptfe membrane. It revolutionizes agricultural waste management with its powerful odor control, breathability, insulation, and bacteria containment capabilities. By creating an independent and controlled fermentation environment, it ensures consistent and efficient composting results. Invest in the ePTFE windrow compost cover for a sustainable and effective solution to your agricultural waste management needs.

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Product Specification

Code CY-003
Composition 600D 100%Poly oxford
Construction poly oxford+PTFE+poly oxford
W.P.R >20000mm
W.V.P 5000g/m².24h
Weight 500g/m²
Size customized

Product Features and advantage

1.Excellent Odor Control: The ePTFE membrane is engineered to effectively eliminate odors generated during the organic waste fermentation process. By isolating the production of odor, heat, bacteria, and dust within the compost pile, it ensures a fresh and clean environment.

2.Enhanced Breathability: With its remarkable breathability and moisture permeability, the ePTFE membrane facilitates the smooth discharge of water vapor and carbon dioxide emitted during composting. This helps maintain optimal moisture levels and eliminates the risks of anaerobic fermentation.

3.Temperature Insulation: The ePTFE cover serves as an efficient thermal barrier, preserving heat generated during the composting process. This insulation capability boosts microbial activity, accelerating the decomposition of organic waste and promoting faster composting.

4.Bacteria Containment: The ePTFE membrane forms a protective barrier against external contaminants, preventing the intrusion of harmful bacteria into the compost pile. This promotes a healthy and uncontaminated fermentation process, resulting in high-quality compost.

5.Weather Independence: By creating a self-contained "fermentation box" environment, the ePTFE windrow compost cover is not affected by external weather fluctuations. This ensures reliable and consistent results, regardless of rain, wind, or temperature changes.

6.Durable and Long-lasting: Built with durable and high-quality materials, the ePTFE membrane is designed to withstand the rigors of agricultural waste management. It resists tearing, decay, and degradation, ensuring prolonged usage and reducing maintenance costs.

Product Applications

The ePTFE windrow compost cover is specifically tailored for use in the fermentation process of agricultural waste. Its applications include:

1.Composting facilities: Optimize organic waste management by using the ePTFE windrow compost cover to create a controlled environment for faster and efficient fermentation.

2.Farms and agriculture: Improve the composting process for animal manure, crop residues, and other organic waste, resulting in nutrient-rich compost that enhances soil health and plant growth.

3.Environmental agencies: Adopt the ePTFE windrow compost cover to minimize the impact of odors and reduce environmental contamination caused by organic waste decomposition.


Composting of animal manure


composting of digestate


Composting of food waste

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