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  • Cell Culture Membrane (Cover)

    PTFE cell culture membrane sheet is a kind of polymer microporous filter membrane developed by our company, the PTFE membrane has microporous body mesh structure, using PTFE resin expanded and stretched to get the pore rate of 85% or more, pore size 0.2~0.3μm bacteria isolation filter membrane. I...
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  • Excellent Filter Material Of 0.45um Microporous Membrane

    Microporous filter membrane is a highly efficient filtration material, known for its excellent retention effect and high transparency, hence widely used in many fields. Here, we will focus on the application of the 0.45um microporous filter membrane for solvent filtration. The working principle o...
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  • Organic Fertilizer Fermentation Composting Cover

    The organic fertilizer fermentation composting cover is based on the e-PTFE microporous membrane: the core equipment of the e-PTFE microporous membrane capping system is the capping fabric that covers the organic waste (livestock and poultry manure, municipal sludge, domestic garbage, kitchen was...
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