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Enhance Electronics Performance with ePTFE Waterproof Breathable Protective Vent Membrane

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Discover the ultimate solution for electronics protection with the ePTFE waterproof breathable protective vent membrane. Specifically designed to meet the demanding requirements of various industries, this advanced membrane ensures optimal performance and longevity for electronic devices. With its exceptional waterproof and breathable properties, it effectively balances internal and external pressure differentials, safeguarding your electronics from water, chemical corrosion, high temperatures, UV radiation, dust, and oil.

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Waterproof And Breathable Film
M.PN WEP Airflow@70mbar Thickness   mm Color Oleophobic IP Rating Temperature
SR132 10psi 4000-5000ml/min/cm² 0.12-0.14 White IP67/IP68 -40~125℃
SR135 14.5psi 3500-4000ml/min/cm² 0.12-0.15 White IP67/IP68 -40~125℃
SR450 21psi 1000-2000ml/min/cm² 0.15-0.2 White IP68 -40~125℃
SR452 14.5psi 1000-2000ml/min/cm² 0.12-0.16 White IP67/IP68 -40~125℃
SR455 21psi 800-1300ml/min/cm² 0.15-0.2 White 6 IP68/IP69K -40~125℃
SR457 14.5psi 1300-1600ml/min/cm² 0.15-0.2 White 7 IP67/IP68 -40~125℃
SR458 29psi 1000-1700ml/min/cm² 0.17-0.22 White IP67/IP68 -40~125℃
SW001W/B 43.5psi 200-300ml/min/cm² 0.15-0.2 WT/GY IP67/IP68 -100~250℃
SW002 58psi 100-200ml/min/cm² 0.25-0.3 Gray 6 IP67/IP68 -100~250℃
SD221 80psi 800-1000ml/min/cm² 0.15-0.2 White IP67/IP68 -40~125℃
Die Cut columns Rows Carrier Width:mm Part Number
OD*ID Series SR Series SD Series SP Series SW
2.8*1.0 10 20 50 img
7.5*3.0 8 20 80
8.0*3.0 8 20 80
10.2*5.5 5 10 60
12.0*5.0 5 10 70
12.5*5.0 6 10 75
13.0*6.0 6 10 75
14.0*7.0 5 10 75
16.0*8.0 4 10 80
18.0*10.0 4 10 80
19.1*8.9 4 10 85
20.0*10.0 4 10 90
22.0*12.0 4 10 100
29.0*20.0 3 10 95
35.0*20.0 2 10 75
40.0*19.5 5 10 120

Product Features and advantage

1.Waterproof and Breathable: The ePTFE membrane combines the unique properties of being both waterproof and breathable. It forms an impenetrable barrier against liquids while allowing the passage of moisture and air, ensuring excellent protection without compromising performance.

2.Pressure Differential Balance: The membrane maintains a balanced pressure differential between the internal and external environments of electronic devices. This prevents the entry of water and other contaminants while ensuring that internal pressure is adequately equalized.

3.Chemical Corrosion Resistance: The ePTFE membrane provides outstanding resistance to chemical corrosion, protecting sensitive electronic components from the damaging effects of chemicals and solvents commonly encountered in various industries.

4.High Temperature Resistance: Engineered to withstand high temperatures, the ePTFE membrane protects electronics from heat-related damage. It acts as an effective thermal barrier, maintaining device integrity even under extreme operating conditions.

5.UV Protection: With its UV-blocking properties, the ePTFE membrane shields electronic devices from the harmful effects of solar radiation. This prevents degradation, yellowing, and performance deterioration, ensuring long-lasting device efficiency.

6.Dust and Oil Resistance: The ePTFE membrane effectively blocks dust particles and repels oil, enhancing the longevity and reliability of electronic devices, especially in environments prone to dust accumulation or oil contamination.

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Product Applications

The ePTFE waterproof breathable protective vent membrane caters to a wide range of applications, including:

1.Waterproof and breathable audio products: Ensure the optimal performance of headphones, microphones, and speakers by protecting them from water, moisture, and dust ingress.

2.Electronics industry: Safeguard sensors, underwater equipment, and testing instruments from water, chemicals, high temperatures, and environmental contaminants.

3.Automotive industry: Protect automotive lights, ECU components, and communication devices from water, dust, UV radiation, and oil infiltration.

4.Outdoor products: Enhance the durability and reliability of outdoor light fixtures, sports watches, and other outdoor electronic devices by shielding them from water, dust, and oil.

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