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ePTFE micro porous membrane waterproof breathable membrane for textile

Short Description:

Our EPTFE micro porous membrane is a revolutionary textile technology that combines waterproof, breathable, and windproof properties. Designed for various applications, this membrane offers exceptional protection and comfort in sportswear, cold weather clothing, outdoor gear, rainwear, specialized protective garments, military and medical uniforms, and accessories such as shoes, hats, and gloves. It is also ideal for materials like sleeping bags and tents.

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ePTFE membrane has thickness around 30um, pore volume about 82%, average pore size 0.2um~0.3um, which is much bigger than water vapor but much smaller than water drop. So that water vapor molecules can pass while water droplets can't pass. This waterproof membrane can laminated with a great variety of fabric, keep it breathable, waterproof and windproof.

Product Specification

Item# RG212 RG213 RG214 Standard
Structure mono-component mono-component mono-component /
Color White White White /
Average thickness 20um 30um 40um /
Weight 10-12g 12-14g 14-16g /
Width 163±2 163±2 163±2 /
W.V.P ≥10000 ≥10000 ≥10000 JIS L1099 A1
W/P ≥10000 ≥15000 ≥20000 ISO 811
W/P after 5 wash ≥8000 ≥10000 ≥10000 ISO 811

Item# RG222 RG223 RG224 Standard
Structure Bi-component Bi-component Bi-component /
Color White White White /
Average thickness 30um 35um 40-50um /
Weight 16g 18g 20g /
Width 163±2 163±2 163±2 /
W.V.P ≥8000 ≥8000 ≥8000 JIS L1099 A1
W/P ≥10000 ≥15000 ≥20000 ISO 811
W/P after 5 wash ≥8000 ≥10000 ≥10000 ISO 811
Note:  It can be customized if required

Product Features

1. MICRO POROUS STRUCTURE: The EPTFE membrane features a micro porous structure that allows air and moisture vapor to pass through while blocking water droplets.

2. LIGHTWEIGHT AND FLEXIBLE: Our membrane is lightweight and flexible, providing freedom of movement and ensuring comfort during physical activities.

3. ECO-FRIENDLY: We are committed to sustainability. Our membrane is made using eco-friendly manufacturing processes and is free from harmful substances.

4. EASY CARE: Cleaning and maintaining our membrane is hassle-free. It can be machine washed and dried without compromising its performance.


fire retardant

Product Advantages

1. WATERPROOF: Our membrane effectively repels water, preventing it from penetrating the fabric and keeping you dry even in heavy rain or wet conditions.

2. BREATHABLE: The micro porous structure of our membrane allows moisture vapor to escape from the fabric, preventing sweat buildup and ensuring breathability for optimal comfort.

3. WINDPROOF: With its windproof properties, our membrane acts as a protective barrier against strong winds, keeping you warm and shielded from chilly drafts.

4. VERSATILE: Suitable for a wide range of applications, our membrane is highly versatile and offers reliable performance in various environments and activities.

5. DURABLE: Made with high-quality materials, our membrane is built to withstand the rigors of outdoor use, ensuring long-lasting protection and performance.


Product Applications

● SPECIALIZED PROTECTIVE GARMENTS: Whether you work in firefighting, chemical protection, disaster response, or immersion operations, our membrane offers reliable protection against water, chemicals, and other hazards.

● MILITARY AND MEDICAL UNIFORMS: The EPTFE micro porous membrane is widely used in military uniforms and medical apparel, providing soldiers and healthcare professionals with comfortable protection against harsh weather conditions and contaminants.

● SPORTSWEAR: The EPTFE micro porous membrane is perfect for sportswear, providing athletes with protection from the elements while allowing moisture to escape, ensuring comfort during intense physical activities.

● COLD WEATHER CLOTHING: Stay warm and dry in freezing temperatures with our membrane, which effectively blocks wind and keeps you insulated while allowing sweat to evaporate.

● OUTDOOR GEAR: From backpacks and camping equipment to hiking boots and gloves, our membrane is an essential component for durable and weather-resistant outdoor gear.

● RAINWEAR: Our membrane is specially designed to keep you dry in heavy rain, making it an ideal material for rain jackets, ponchos, and other rainwear items.

● ACCESSORIES: Enhance the performance and comfort of your accessories such as shoes, hats, and gloves with our membrane, which ensures breathability and protection against the elements.

● CAMPING MATERIALS: Our membrane is an excellent choice for sleeping bags and tents, keeping you dry and comfortable during outdoor adventures.


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