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ePTFE Flame Retardant Membrane: Ultimate Fire Protection for Industry Apparel

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Discover the extraordinary fire protection capabilities of our cutting-edge ePTFE flame retardant membrane. Perfectly suited for firefighting and industrial apparel, this advanced membrane offers flame resistance, water repellency, and breathability, ensuring optimal comfort and safety in hazardous environments. Equip yourself with this innovative technology and experience unmatched fire protection like never before.

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ePTFE membrane has thickness around 30um-50um, pore volume about 82%, average pore size 0.2um~0.3um, which is much bigger than water vapor but much smaller than water drop. So that water vapor molecules can pass while water droplets can't pass. Additionally, we apply a special treatment to the membrane to make it resistant to oil and flame, significantly increasing its lifespan, durability, functionality, and resistance to water washing.
Experience unmatched fire protection with our ePTFE flame retardant membrane. Ensure your safety and comfort in hazardous environments with its exceptional flame resistance, water repellency, and breathability. Invest in this innovative technology for reliable fire protection in firefighting and industrial apparel.


Product Features

1.High-Quality Construction: Crafted using premium materials and state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques, our flame retardant membrane guarantees exceptional quality and performance. Rest assured with a reliable and durable fire protection solution.

2.Compliance with Safety Standards: Our ePTFE flame retardant membrane meets rigorous safety standards and regulatory requirements. Count on our product to provide certified protection and peace of mind.

3.Customizable Options: We offer a range of customization options to meet specific garment requirements and design preferences. Tailor our flame retardant membrane to suit your unique needs.

Product Advantages

1.Unparalleled Flame Resistance: Our ePTFE flame retardant membrane is engineered to withstand high temperatures and resist flame propagation. It provides vital seconds for wearers to react and escape from dangerous situations, minimizing the risk of burns and serious injuries.

2.Water Repellency: In addition to its flame-resistant properties, our membrane also offers excellent water repellency. It keeps the wearer dry in wet environments, preventing discomfort and potential heat loss caused by moisture.

3.Enhanced Breathability: Our ePTFE technology allows for efficient moisture vapor transmission, ensuring breathability even in intense firefighting or industrial work scenarios. Stay cool and comfortable during extended periods of wear.

4.Lightweight and Flexible: Despite its exceptional fire protection capabilities, our membrane is lightweight and flexible, allowing for maximum freedom of movement without compromising safety.

5.Durable and Long-lasting: Designed to withstand the demanding conditions of firefighting and industrial work, our ePTFE membrane is highly resistant to wear, tear, and repeated use. It maintains its flame resistance even after exposure to extreme environments.

6.Chemical Resistance: Our membrane exhibits excellent resistance to a wide range of chemicals and industrial solvents, ensuring its performance remains unaffected in challenging work environments.


Product Applications

1.Firefighting Apparel: Our ePTFE flame retardant membrane is specifically designed to enhance the safety and performance of firefighters. Its exceptional flame resistance provides critical protection against high heat and flames, allowing firefighters to focus on their mission with confidence.

2.Industrial Workwear: In industries where workers are exposed to potential fire hazards, such as oil and gas, chemical manufacturing, and welding, our ePTFE membrane is an essential component of protective workwear. It ensures reliable flame resistance and durability for enhanced safety in high-risk environments.

3.Other Applications: Beyond firefighting and industrial workwear, our flame retardant membrane can be applied to various garments and accessories requiring fire protection, such as military uniforms, emergency response personnel apparel, and specialized protective gear.


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