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Cell Culture Membrane (Cover)

PTFE cell culture membrane sheet is a kind of polymer microporous filter membrane developed by our company, the PTFE membrane has microporous body mesh structure, using PTFE resin expanded and stretched to get the pore rate of 85% or more, pore size 0.2~0.3μm bacteria isolation filter membrane. It has waterproof and breathable functions, but also have high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, non-adhesion, high lubrication and other characteristics which other waterproof materials do not have.
The middle breathable layer of the waterproof breathable membrane is a kind of microporous filter membrane, which is produced by the high-tech principle of microporous. The size of the pores allows water vapor to pass through smoothly, but not water molecules, so this product is waterproof and breathable. The breathable sheet (cap) allows carbon dioxide from the environment to enter the cell culture square bag (bottle), providing the gas conditions needed for cell growth.

The breathable membrane on the cell culture bag (bottle) also has the function of sterilizing, which can prevent bacteria from entering the inside of the container and contaminating the cells, and the liquid inside the bag (bottle) will not affect its microbial barrier performance and breathability after contacting with the breathable membrane, so scientific research institutes can choose it with confidence.

Cell Culture Membrane (Cover)

PTFE Microporous Filtration Membrane is a highly efficient and versatile hydrophobic membrane with many advantages. The advantages of PTFE microporous filtration membranes are described in more detail below:

* Resistance to High Surface Tension Liquids: PTFE microporous filter membranes have excellent resistance to high surface tension liquids. Even when encountering high surface tension liquids during gas venting, they effectively resist permeation and keep the performance of the membrane undamaged. This makes PTFE microporous membranes valuable in liquid filtration applications.

* Multiple Format Options: PTFE membranes are available in two different formats, unsupported and laminated to polyester or polypropylene support materials. The unsupported format PTFE microporous membranes offer higher porosity and better filtration performance for applications where filtration of small particles and bacteria is critical. In contrast, PTFE microporous membranes in laminated format offer higher strength and better mechanical properties for environments requiring greater durability.

* Wide range of applications: Due to its excellent performance, PTFE microporous filter membranes are widely used in the automotive, electronics, food and beverage industry markets. In the automotive sector, PTFE microporous membranes can be used for gas filtration in the exhaust system to ensure the purity of the discharged gas. In the electronics industry, PTFE microporous filter membranes can be used in the production process of electronic products to ensure product quality and reliability. In the field of food and beverage, PTFE microporous filter membrane can be used in the filtration and separation of liquid and gas to ensure the cleanliness and safety of food and beverage.

In summary, PTFE microporous filtration membranes are frequently chosen by manufacturers for their resistance to high surface tension liquids, multiple format options, and a wide range of applications to meet the needs of exhaust requirements in a variety of fields. Its versatility and reliability have made it increasingly important in the industrial sector, providing high-quality filtration solutions for a wide range of industries.

Post time: Dec-15-2023