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High-efficiency ePTFE Filter Membrane

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The CNbeyond™ e-PTFE air filter membrane from Ningbo ChaoYue utilizes polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) resin as the raw material. It undergoes special processing to control the pore size, pore size distribution, and open area, allowing the membrane’s resistance and efficiency to be freely adjusted. With its high efficiency, it is widely used in various filters.

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Our ePTFE filter membrane is made of imported PTFE resin, we can adjust the pore size, pore size distribution, porosity through a special process, so that the wind resistance and efficiency can be adjusted freely. It can laminated with various nonwoven fabric which is widely used in vacuum cleaner folded filter. The efficiency can reach European standard H11, H12, H13.
Additionally, the membrane has special characteristics of breathable, chemical stability, small friction coefficient, high temperature resistance etc. It is also widely used to laminate with PP felt, polyester PPS, Nomex needle felt, glass fiber needle felt etc. The dust collect rate could be above 99.9%. It’s the best choice for any kind of high efficiency air filter.

Product Specification

Item Width Air Permeablity Thickness Efficiency
H12B 2600mm-3500mm 90-110 L/m².s 3-5um >99.7%
D42B 2600mm 35-40 L/m².s 5-7um >99.9%
D43B 2600mm 90-120 L/m².s 3-5um >99.5%

Product Features

1. High Efficiency: Our ePTFE filter membrane is known for its excellent filtration efficiency. It effectively captures even the finest particles, ensuring a clean and healthy working environment in industrial facilities.

2. High Temperature Resistance: The membrane is engineered with high-temperature resistant materials, making it suitable for use in demanding applications where elevated temperatures are present. It remains stable and durable even in extreme conditions, ensuring long-lasting performance and reliability.

3. Breathability: The ePTFE filter membrane is designed to be highly breathable, allowing for efficient air circulation and preventing the buildup of pressure within the filtration system. This feature not only enhances filtration efficiency but also prolongs the lifespan of the equipment.

4. Versatile Applications: Our ePTFE filter membrane can be utilized in various dust control equipment, including baghouse filters, cartridge filters, and filter bags. It is compatible with a wide range of industries such as steel, cement, asphalt, and other mining enterprises.


Product Applications

1.Steel Industry: Our ePTFE filter membrane is specifically designed to meet the rigorous demands of the steel industry, providing efficient filtration and dust control in blast furnace gas filtration systems, sinter plant filters, and steel mill exhausts.

2.Cement Industry: The membrane is highly effective in cement manufacturing processes, offering superior filtration performance for dust collection in clinker coolers, cement mills, and cement kiln systems.

3.Asphalt Industry: For asphalt production facilities, our ePTFE filter membrane plays a crucial role in maintaining air quality through efficient dust collection in asphalt mixing plants and hot mix asphalt systems.

4.Mining Enterprises: The membrane is widely used in mining industries, including coal mining, mineral processing, and quarrying, for dust control in crushing, grinding, and screening equipment.

5.Other Applications: Our membrane is suitable for various industrial dust control applications, such as power generation, chemical production, and waste incineration, ensuring clean air and a healthy working environment.


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